Secrets of Success in

ABRSM Music Exams

The SMART Learning Series
is the only tool that will definitely give you everything you need to learn at your convenience 24/7 for
Exam Pieces, Sight Reading, Aural with Scales & Arpeggios

Scales & Arpeggios

Fun & Vivid Prologues

Mind-mapping of Fingering Patterns

Clear Illustration of Major & Minor Keys

Creative Grouping Patterns Analytics

✔ Interesting Game-style Drills

Digital Keyboard Topography Method

✔ Demonstrating Arpeggios

✔ Introducing Broken Chords

✔ Playing Scales in Different Fun Styles

✔ Effective Finger Gym Warm-up Exercises

Sight Reading

Dynamic Introduction

Creative Rhythmic Training

Fun & Vivid Explanation

Melodic Training Key by Key

Topographic Mapping

Reading Key & Time Signatures

✔ Quiz Time

✔ Melodic Challenge

✔ Rhythm Gym Fun

✔ Reading by Patterns

Aural Training

Understanding Styles & Characters

Singing Fun

Creative Vocal Drill

✔ Understanding Styles & Characters

✔ Singing Fun

✔ Creative Vocal Drill

✔ Sight Singing Gym

Singing in Pulse

Effective Illustration

✔ Systematic Progression

✔ Visualize What You Hear

✔ Listen with Understanding

✔ Tap Accurately

Exam Pieces

Systematic Approach with Strategic Planning

Fun Stories of the Composer

✔ Fun Stories of the Music Piece

✔ Style & Presentation

Musical & Structural Analysis

Understand & Apply Performance Directions

Understanding Chords & its Harmonic Language

✔ Defining & Building Dynamics

✔ Motives, Subjects, Themes, Figurations & Phrasing

✔ Innovative, Inspiring & Creative Practice Methods

✔ Tackling Rhythm & Pulse Problems

✔ Effective Memorization

✔ Pedaling Techniques

✔ Value Added Tips to Excel

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