Absolutely no clues on how to improve

Sight Reading

Traditional Methods

Not Working Perfectly

✗ My left hand just can’t catch up with the right

✗ It’s just too difficult to coordinate both hands together

✗ I’m ok with one hand but not with both

✗ I really want to improve my sight reading but where should I start

✗ It’s just look so difficult to play

✗ I’ve never played this before, how do I know I’ve played correctly

✗ It looks so strange to me, how does it actually sounds like

I’m at a loss… Can anybody help please?

Look – forget about trying your luck & praying for an easy piece for the Sight Reading test… Why not make Sight Reading a great asset, a life-time skill mastered that enables you to play whatever music you like?

For just 5 minutes everyday, you would enjoy a solid systematic & well planned program including key-by-key, separate & both-hand melodic & rhythmic finger gym training

You will discover the secrets of fast & accurate Sight Reading… Check on our 5 Steps of Speedy Mindmap for Sight Reading

SMART Learning is here to help!

The SMART Learning Series
is the only tool that will definitely give you everything you need to learn at your convenience 24/7 for
Exam Pieces, Sight Reading, Aural with Scales & Arpeggios

✓ Dynamic Introduction

✓ Creative Rhythmic Training

✓ Fun & Vivid Explanation

✓ Melodic Training Key by Key

✓ Topographic Mapping

✓ Reading Key & Time Signatures

✓ Quiz Time

✓ Melodic Challenge

✓ Rhythm Gym Fun

✓ Reading by Patterns

Sincere Praise

Our Courses in Kaleidoscopic View

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