eMusiKinder Scholarship

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Scholarship Applications (Music)

Brilliance Award:

Attained 136 – 140 marks ( a FREE 6-month subscription of the ALL-4 Combi course of the next grade worth S$1,128 – S$1,608 )


Top Award:

Attained 141 marks & above ( a FREE 1-year subscription of the ALL-4 Combi course of the next grade worth S$2,256 – S$3,216 )


Special Award: 

For subscribers who demonstrated a marked improvement in the exam over the previous exam grade results of at least a 20-mark gain ( a FREE 1-month subscription of ONE of the 4-component courses – Scales & Arpeggios, Exam Pieces, Sight Reading or Aural Training – of the next grade worth S$188 – S$268 )

• A registered member of the eMusiKinder Artscademy, who has completed ANY of the subscribed courses (excluding all Free-Trial courses)


• All applications subject to the approval of the eMusiKinder Award Committee. Decisions of the awards rendered by the Committee are final


• Attain remarkably commendable results in the ABRSM exam related to the subscribed course –

• Send us a clear scanned copy of the relevant exam result cum comment slip in the format of pdf, jpg or png (image with at least 200-pixel resolution)


• Send us a short HD-standard video clip ( a before-and-after rendition ) of 3 – 5 minutes long:


Sharing with us –


1) How was your situation before course subscription?

2) In what way & how much has the subscribed course benefited you?

3) What impressed you most during the course?

4) Name your most favourite coaching video & tell us why?

5) How would you recommend this subscription program to your friends or relatives?

Please fill in all information bellow to submit video.

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