Why should I practice

Scales & Arpeggios

Traditional Methods

Not Helpful Enough


✗ It’s so boring & dry to practise scales
✗ Such aimless repetitions…
✗ I keep mixing up the fingerings, it’s so confusing..
✗ I’ve been practising very hard but still can’t remember
✗ My both hands just can’t work together
✗ It’s no fun to work on at all…!!
✗ I’m giving them up…

What can I do? Can anybody help please?

Now, forget about those endless & unproductive repetitions…

Learn & master each scale or arpeggio in just 10 minutes & remember it for the rest of your life…

You gonna really impress the examiner so much that you are definitely heading towards scoring a good distinction !!

SMART Learning is here to help!

The SMART Learning Series
is the only tool that will definitely provide you all that you need to learn at your convenience 24/7 for
Exam Pieces, Scales & Arpeggios, Sight Reading and Aural Tests

✓ Fun & Vivid Prologues

✓ Mind-mapping of Fingering Patterns

✓ Clear Illustration of Major & Minor Keys

✓ Creative Grouping Patterns Analytics

✓ Interesting Game-style Drills

✓ Digital Keyboard Topography Method

✓ Demonstrating Arpeggios

✓ Introducing Broken Chords

✓ Playing Scales in Different Fun Styles

✓ Effective Finger Gym Warm-up Exercises

Sincere Praise

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