I'm just so sick of practicing

Exam Pieces

over and over again

Traditional Methods

Not Working Perfectly

✗ What should I do? My fingers just can’t follow

✗ What’s so interesting about the pieces? I’m so sick & tired practising them

✗ My daughter has been playing those 3 pieces for almost a year – I think she is terribly bored

✗ I’m so disappointed with myself, the problems persist even though I’ve been practising very hard weeks after weeks

✗ Sigh… 1 year 3 pieces, grade after grade

✗ I just don’t like the pieces, I don’t know what they are about?!

✗ I still miss notes here & there after such long hours of practice

✗ I just don’t get it.. How Am I gonna to manage?

✗ Can’t feel the music..!! What am I supposed to express?

What can I do? Can anybody help please?


You can forget about just playing & practising the 3 exam pieces the whole year endlessly yet still struggle & tremble through the exam

Instead, you enjoy presenting them confidently as a high-scorer while incorporating leaned techniques into your improvisatory skills & having more time to perform other favourite pieces

SMART Learning is here to help!

The SMART Learning Series
is the only tool that will definitely give you everything you need to learn at your convenience 24/7 for
Exam Pieces, Sight Reading, Aural with Scales & Arpeggios

✓ Systematic Approach with Strategic Planning

✓ Fun Stories of the Composer

✓ Fun Stories of the Music Piece

✓ Style & Presentation

✓ Musical & Structural Analysis

✓ Understand & Apply Performance Directions

✓ Understanding Chords & its Harmonic Language

✓ Defining & Building Dynamics

✓ Motives, Subjects, Themes, Figurations & Phrasing

✓ Innovative, Inspiring & Creative Practice Methods

✓ Tackling Rhythm & Pulse Problems

✓ Effective Memorization

✓ Pedaling Techniques

✓ Value Added Tips to Excel

Sincere Praise

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