Can anybody help me with my

Aural Training

Traditional Methods

Not Working Perfectly

✗ Can’t hear anything what examiner just played

✗ Why am I so nervous?

✗ Er… What am I supposed to say?

✗ I heard so many tones but don’t know which is which

✗ So much to listen to at the same time, but what is the focus?

✗ Please help, I can’t tell any difference

✗ Can’t feel the beat, can’t sense the pulse

✗ Too many things to note, I’m totally overwhelmed

✗ It’s so tough to identify the chords & cadences

✗ What should I do – I don’t know what I must say?

✗ I don’t know what & how should I practice on my own

✗ I’m completely lost – how?

What can I do? Can anybody help please?

Good news..!! Now you can forget about guessing the right answer & just trying your luck

You will be provided with super tools to help you understand about tonality, phrasing, structure, rhythm, etc. so that you are clear of what to listen to & how to answer brilliantly

We help you turn abstract sounds into something you can visualize & enabling your brain comprehend what your ears have perceived

Furthermore, we help you strategize your preparation progressively optimized for the best results

SMART Learning is here to help!

The SMART Learning Series
is the only tool that will definitely give you everything you need to learn at your convenience 24/7 for
Exam Pieces, Sight Reading, Aural with Scales & Arpeggios

✓ Understanding Styles & Characters

✓ Singing Fun

✓ Creative Vocal Drill

✓ Sight Singing Gym

✓ Singing in Pulse

✓ Effective Illustration

✓ Systematic Progression

✓ Visualize What You Hear

✓ Listen with Understanding

✓ Tap Accurately

Sincere Praises

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